Honoring Those Who Serve in America’s Thin Lines

We support the lines!

Semper SWAG Apparel makes it a high priority to offer designs noting the specific work and heroism of America’s public servants and military branches. That means we offer designs highlighting the many different Thin Lines with Thin Line apparel and clothing.

What Do the Different Thin Line Colors Mean?

Here’s a quick rundown of the thin line colors and their meanings:

  • Thin Blue Line: Police and Law Enforcement
  • Thin Red Line: Firefighters and Fire Service
  • Thin Orange Line: EMT personnel and Search and Rescue
  • Thin Green Line: Military, Federal Agents, Border Patrol, Park Rangers, Wildlife Officers
  • Thin Yellow Line: Dispatchers, Tow Truck Drivers (these are sometimes referred to with the Thin Gold Line as well)
  • Thin Silver Line: Corrections Officers
  • Thin White Line: Emergency Medical Services
  • Thin Purple Line: Security Guards and Security Personnel

There are some varying viewpoints on what some of the Thin Lines stand for, but these meanings represent the majority opinions on each.

We’re proud to offer Thin Line apparel in support of all of America’s military branches and public servants. If you’re looking for great looking Thin Line clothing to carry your message of support, you’ve found it here at Semper SWAG Apparel. All our high-quality Thin Line shirts are proudly made in the U.S.A. By Patriots, for Patriots.

Semper SWAG Apparel is a freedom-focused, veteran-owned clothing company dedicated to quality products for patriots.  We provide a percentage of profits to various organizations that support our cause, for we are committed to serving those who serve others.  Join us!