The Patriotic T-Shirts That America Needs to See You Wearing In These Days

Join the fight as an American patriot with our collection of patriotic t-shirts.  We’re constantly developing new designs for our stylish t-shirts for men and t-shirts for women.

The Semper SWAG collections feature conservative t-shirts with subtle messages about truth, justice, and the American way. Our wide selection of American t-shirts honor our Armed Forces, our police, our heroes with fire and EMS, and much more. Have ideas for custom products? Send us a note.

Military T-Shirt Designs for Every Branch

Looking for pro-military t-shirts? We’ve got ‘em. Honor your veteran. Honor your service member. Or honor your own valuable service to our country with our wide array of eye-catching military t-shirt options.

Choose your favorite style – classic short-sleeve, stylish long-sleeve, baseball jersey, and lots of other options for great-fitting t-shirts for men and t-shirts for women.

Lots of amazingly soft cotton t-shirt options… many classics, a few v-neck choices, some curved hem jersey choices, and more. All with plenty of message options to:

  • Join the Fight.
  • Back the Blue.
  • Serving Those Who Serve Others.
  • and much, much more.

It's easy to put your pro-America values clearly on display with patriotic t-shirts and apparel. Make Semper SWAG your first choice when looking for the widest selection and best designs of American t-shirts.

Freedom Is Not Free. Honoring All Who Serve. 

You’ll notice that we’ve made it a priority to offer designs noting the specific work and heroism of America’s public servants and military branches.

The “thin blue line” was first coined in the 1950’s to signify police and law enforcement as the barrier between law and order. That term has gained much popularity and now, eight other public service branches have adopted “thin line” colors of their own. Semper SWAG is proud to offer many designs of t-shirts for men and t-shirts for women, as well as hoodies and other items, that let you show off your support.

Here’s a quick rundown of the thin line colors and their meanings:

  • Thin Blue Line: Police and Law Enforcement
  • Thin Red Line: Firefighters and Fire Service
  • Thin Orange Line: EMT personnel and Search and Rescue
  • Thin Green Line: Military, Federal Agents, Border Patrol, Park Rangers, Wildlife Officers
  • Thin Yellow Line: Dispatchers, Tow Truck Drivers (these are sometimes referred to with the Thin Gold Line as well)
  • Thin Silver Line: Corrections Officers
  • Thin White Line: Emergency Medical Services
  • Thin Purple Line: Security Guards and Security Personnel

If you’re looking for great looking conservative t-shirts that carry the patriotic message you’re looking to tell the world, you’ve found them here at Semper SWAG. All our high-quality patriotic t-shirts are proudly made in the U.S.A. By Patriots, for Patriots.

Semper SWAG is a Freedom-Focused, Veteran-Owned Small Business dedicated to quality products for patriots.  We provide a percentage of profits to various organizations that support our cause.  Join us!